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About No 1 SEO Ireland

About No1 SEO Ireland

no1 seo ireland

No1 SEO Ireland – The Best SEO Company for you!

Why do we consider ourselves the best SEO company for You?

No1 SEO Ireland was established in 2014 with the aim of providing a complete Digital Marketing agency solution. First, we build mobile-friendly attractive websites. Then, we combine them with our expert SEO skills and provide a complete online solution for the client. Most clients find that a new website designed by us actually raises their rankings before we start any other SEO services. No1 SEO Ireland is based on the Wicklow/Wexford border, 50 minutes from Dublin and just over an hour to Waterford.

Our Business Vision

Our vision is to be contacted by a client from any industry and be able to supply them with an affordable effective online solution. Whether the client is a school, a hotel or a large multi-national we want them to feel comfortable coming to us with their project.

What We Offer

We offer the client a full-service digital marketing company. That is we offer services that are normally only obtainable from both a web design company and an SEO services company. This combination allows us to provide our clients with mobile-friendly websites that can easily be optimized to outrank their competitors.

A client who comes to us need never worry about their website needs. We offer a full website maintenance package as required.

This can include :

Page creation – This is where we take content and images supplied by you the client and create a new page in line with the styling of the website. We ensure that everything is working on the page and it is connected to the menu and the rest of the website correctly.

Content Creation – This is where you come to us with a general idea and we develop the content and images for the new page.

Blog Writing – Many businesses realise that they need a regular blog to keep interest in their services or products. Simply putting up adverts ( Like many Businesses do!) is a sure way to lose followers. They come to us to create interesting articles that will interest their customers while at the same time improve their SEO rankings. We can also place these articles up on your social media channels giving them a wider share and a better chance of bringing you new customers.

Website Maintenance – If your website is built on a CMS such as WordPress or Joomla the plugins that have been built into the backend need regular updates. There is always a small chance that one of these updates can cause the website to crash. By coming to a company such as ours, you can ensure that the process is handled carefully and efficiently. Our maintenance packages also include adding or changing content and images on the website.

We also offer a large list of SEO services. These include:

  • Onsite Optimization
  • Technical SEO – Page Speeds, framework etc.
  • PPC advertising( Pay Per Click)
  • Blogging
  • Content writing
  • Organizing social media campaigns
  • Website Analysis
  • Toxic Link analysis
  • Internal and External Linking
  • Backlink development


In Conclusion

The goal of No1 SEO Ireland is to provide businesses with the choice of either a complete online package where we build, maintain and rank a website, or offer partial packages that suit the company’s needs. We feel that this is what makes us the best SEO company choice for you the client. You should read the section below before committing to who you want to develop your website.


When Should You Start Your SEO Services?

It has become apparent from research that for a website to achieve maximum results then the SEO research should start before you start to build your website. By building your website structure to match your keyword research you will achieve better results.

If you come to us with a completed website then adjustments can be made to the framework of the website to make it more search engine friendly. Anyone serious about their online presence will be aware of the constant changes in search engine algorithms. Now is definitely the time to ensure that your SEO company knows its business and is the best SEO company available.

Too many digital marketing and web design companies build a website without planning its structure first. In this way, they lose the potential of achieving the best search engine results. SEO research needs to be included in the design of the website build right from the start. This leads to much better rankings and a much better return on your investment. Your website is there to carry your business forward into the future. When investing in it, it is important to do it right!