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Link Building


Link Building

No matter what business you are in, almost everybody has heard of BACKLINKS and Link Building. There was a time that most of the SEO industry made its living by selling links to businesses. With the constant changes to Google’s algorithm that has changed. You will still find companies that will sell you thousands of links for little money but nowadays you would be foolish to buy them. These backlinks come from the worst kind of spammy websites and it will cost you far more to get these backlinks disavowed than it did to buy them. Not to say that having an SEO company create backlinks for you is a bad idea. Backlinks are still one of the major factors in getting a website ranked. We would advise using a reputable SEO company such as ourselves when looking to obtain Backlinks.

Explaining Different Types of Links

Firstly we should start off by mentioning the different kinds of links. If you have had your website optimized you will see internal links. This is when your pages are set up so that sections of interest on different pages connect to each other preferably using your keywords as the anchor text.

Link building is one of the most important factors in getting your website ranked. Many businesses are wary of it because it has just a close connection to Black Hat SEO. This may be fine if you are in a low competition ranking area. It is not fine if you are competing against several large companies. You can be sure that they will have 1000’s of backlinks from other websites with high D.A and P.A.

The safest way to get backlinks is by writing great content. The better you are the more likely that other websites will link to yours as an authority on the subject.

How do you get people to recognize how good you are? Social media is the starting point! By publishing a regular blog on your website and connecting it to social media you gradually build up an audience. From here you can end up reaching a staggering number of people and generate backlinks back to your own website. We also offer blogging services where we work with your business people to produce articles for you. We optimize the article and ensure that it is linked correctly.

By publishing on social media you are also creating backlinks from those platforms that will help your rankings.

Many companies are a bit shy about asking their suppliers and purchasers for links from their websites. We are happy to approach them for you. We will also ask for testimonials on your behalf.

How Important is Link Building?

Link building may still be the single most important ranking factor. Don’t take our word for it. Here is a link to Moz on Link Building.

As expert SEO specialists, we can assure you that Moz is one of the main authorities on SEO in the world.

No1 SEO Ireland will not offer you 1,000s of links from other websites. This would surely lead to your website being penalized by the search engines defeating the object of having them.

The service we do offer is to help you build up your own backlinks through the use of social media and blogging and your own natural contacts. It is not a service we usually offer as a standalone ( such as PPC marketing or onsite optimization) but it can be done in this way if required.

To contact us you can simply use the form on the Contact Us page or call us at 089 479 9227