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Learn SEO

Many companies distrust Digital Marketing companies, as the only way they can record what work is being done on and for their websites, is only visible in monthly reports they receive from the Digital Marketing companies. If you cannot see any changes in your rankings, you are of course going to doubt that the Digital Marketing/ SEO company is not doing the agreed upon work. Many companies would like to learn SEO for themselves! This is where No1 SEO Ireland offer an SEO service that none of our competitors presently do so.



Learn SEO Services or Website Maintenance


If a company hiring us so wishes, No1 SEO Ireland will send an SEO specialist to your business. They will perform their SEO services/website maintenance for your company on your own computer, SEO Learningand for a small additional fee will walk you or one of your staff members through the processes they are using to increase your website’s rankings, or how to make changes on your website if that is the plan you have hired them for. What better way to plan your SEO campaign than to have a staff member to eventually be able to take over from your outside help?




Learn SEO While Having Your Website SEO’d In-House


There are numerous advantages for your company in this :

1.  The security of knowing that your website’s passwords do not have to be revealed to an outside contractor.

2.  The satisfaction of seeing the SEO specialist working for the agreed amount of time. ( No wondering if half the time you have contracted for is not being used).

3.  It gives you an appreciation for the length of time some of the SEO services take. Keyword research, content writing, onsite optimisationsocial media organising etc. All take time. In this way, you can observe the SEO services being carried out.

4.  You have a regular SEO specialist who will become like part of your company. The benefit is that it is  No1 SEO Ireland you are hiring. This means that you do not have to worry about all the employee details.

5.  As you are hiring an outside company you can write it off as a legitimate expense against your tax.

6. The No1 SEO Ireland SEO specialist is able to provide your SEO services while your employee/employees learn SEO.

7.  Once you are happy that your own employee/employees are capable of handling your SEO campaign you can give us notice. While normally we require a month’s notice to end a contract, for this SEO service we are happy with 7 days notice.


SO if this as an SEO service or Website Maintenance service appeals to you, then please contact us at 089 479 9227


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