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SEO Service for Billet Wheel Adapters



seo services companyWebsite SEO Service for Billet Wheel Adapters

Billet Wheel Adapters is an E-commerce Website built on a Magento platform. When they approached us back at the start of September 2014 they were looking for an excellent SEO service, supplied by a reliable company.No1 SEO Ireland took over the role of improving the Onsite SEO for Billet Wheel adapters. Using keyword research and extensive onsite optimisation in just 10 weeks we had increased their number of impressions from 2,900 to 11,300. This was an increase of approx 380%.

The number of clicks onto the website increased from 260 to 932 (approx 370%) by the end of November when Billet Wheel Adapters and No1 SEO Ireland parted ways. As we still have the Webmaster tools connection, I kept an eye on the rankings, which were a result of our Onsite SEO and that 5 months later the number of impressions is still over 11,000 and the number of clicks into the website has increased to over 1,100. If you examine the report below you will see that this is after a drop of over 10% in the last month.

In most cases, you would expect to see a decline in numbers start after a couple of months, but obviously, the level of our quality SEO service has aided in keeping the website’s rankings where they are now. If you study the report though you will see that the impressions and clicks onto the website are dropping from their highest point and will keep declining if no more SEO – Onsite optimisation – is performed on the website. It is unlikely that they will ever drop back as far as they were originally, but keywords with a page 3 ranking do you as little good as being on page 10.



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