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Welcome to Our SEO Services Page

As an SEO services agency, No1 SEO Ireland always tries to find the best method to get a business ranked for the necessary keywords. For different clients, this can be more or less complicated. Small local businesses in low competition markets may find occasional onsite optimization and blogging can be enough. For other companies in high competition markets or looking to rank globally, a complete range of SEO services may be necessary. The majority though, will fall somewhere in between.

Here is a list of the SEO Services we offer

  • Onsite Optimisation
  • Link Building
  • Social Media Marketing
  • PPC ( Pay Per Click) Advertising
  • Blogging
  • Content Writing
  • Technical Improvements of Website such as improving page speeds.
  • Website SEO Analysis

Onsite Optimisation

If a company is interested in getting its website to rank then the first SEO Service should be Onsite Optimisation. Some web developers when building your website will add some onsiteonsite-optimisation optimization which can have differing results. Most will not, leaving it to you, the client, to obtain their own Onsite Optimisation. Unfortunately when you go to an SEO or Digital Marketing company a rebuild is sometimes necessary to fix mistakes which the web developer has built into the structure of the website. If you use a digital marketing company for both you will mostly avoid this problem.

If you would like another company/web developer to build your website and wanted us to perform onsite optimization, then we would prefer to be able to consult with the website developer before the build starts.

By itself, good onsite optimization,( if you are in a low, or low to medium competition bracket) can get you ranked well in Google. Like everything to do with SEO though, you can’t walk away and leave it. Once you have obtained the rankings you want, you will still have to add new and SEO rich content in order to keep it there. Otherwise, someone else will take your ranking.

Link Building – Internal and Back Links

Internal link building is where links between the internal pages form a network. Properly done, pages of lesser importance link to the more important pages. For best practice, Google likes to see 2 external links and up to 5 internal links on each page.

Backlink Building is when the website owner or the SEO specialist creates links back to the main website. There are many ways that this is done. They include writing articles and guest posting, signing up in directory websites, putting videos up on video websites, creating images and placing them with links back to the main website etc etc etc. The more creative an SEO person can be the more backlinks they can create,

Done properly backlink creation is one of the main SEO ranking factors. It can improve both your organic rankings and Domain Authority (DA). It should be mentioned that spammy backlinklink building creation is the no1 form of Black Hat SEO. If you have an SEO company offering you thousands of backlinks for small money in all likelihood they have a bunch of spam websites which they will link you to. This may cause Google and other search engines to penalize your website destroying your rankings. It can also take months or years to get these links disavowed.

Social Media Campaigns

There has been a lot of talk about links created from Social media campaigns and whether or not they have any value. From reports from Google, the links themselves have very little value (though they shouldn’t be forgotten about). It is the amountsocial media of traffic you can generate through your social media that can really improve your SERP rankings. Social media can do a lot to build a company’s brand image, By being well known you get more traffic. By getting more traffic you increase the rankings of your website. It should go without saying, that a badly run campaign can do a lot of damage to a company’s image.

PPC ( Pay Per Click) Advertising

Pay Per Click is a really attractive option for many businesses. Like Television, radio, and newspapers it puts your ad directly in front of the consumer. It has the added benefit that the consumer is searching for your service/product. This means that you should have a much higher conversion rate than normal organic searches.

There are even more advantages to Pay Per Click advertising. It may seem strange, but by paying for PPC Marketing you increase your organic rankings. This is especially true whenPPC Marketing using Google Adwords. The increased amount of traffic going through your website means that you will have increased rankings for your paid keywords. As it is mainly directed traffic from your chosen audience your bounce rates tend to be very low. The combination of the increased traffic and lower bounce rate is what causes the improvement in your rankings.

There is also the social media PPC platforms. Sometimes these can have a marked advantage over Adwords, and sometimes not.

These platforms tend to charge less for their advertising. You can also aim the campaign better than through Adwords. The problem can be that a lot of people ignore ads when they are on their social networks.  It can also be difficult to find the right niche on the right platform for maximum sales. We can help you decide where to advertise and set up your ads to achieve the best results.



Similar to social media in a way. First, we create a Blog for your website. Then we write articles with links back to certain landing pages bloggingon your website which you wish to promote. By posting these articles on your social media platforms we can increase the number of visitors to your website and in turn increase your organic ranking.


Content Writing

As above, this is when we write new content for your website only in the form of pages. These new pages relate to aspects of your business that were not written about at the time that your website was built or new services/products that have been added since. We have had several clients over the years that come to us because at the time of publishing their website the content wascopywriting mostly images. In order to rank well, you do need a certain amount of content, especially on your main pages. We have increased the amount of content on pages while keeping it interesting and providing connections to related services/products. Additionally, this content also allows you to increase the strength of your keywords giving you higher organic rankings.


Technical Improvements to Your Website

Technical SEO Services are often forgotten about. Not many companies are aware of this fact, but a strong ranking factor for many websites is the page loading speed of the website. The slower your website loads the higher your bounce rate. If your page load speed is over 2 seconds you have a problem. At No1 SEO Ireland we use several techniques to improve your Technical SEO website ’s page load speed and from this a decrease in your bounce rate. This leads to an improvement in your search engine rankings. We also examine which PHP version your website is run on. The newer versions work better for handling increased numbers of visitors to the site. We also examine GZIP compression ( allows your website to run faster) and caching (again improved speeds).

Website SEO Analysis

Website Analysis should be the first step in your SEO campaign. Are there any major factors affecting your websites’ rankings? Has your website been penalized for any major infractions such as Black Hat SEO? You may be advised that a new domain is the first step in your new campaign.

Other factors such as page content, image sizes, and optimization, meta tagging, menus, and headings etc. All of these have to be gone through before you start. We offer a free website analysiswebsite analysis that goes through all these points to new clients. We have found that when made aware of the amount of work necessary they have more understanding of the numbers of hours per month we recommend.