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Localised SEO

Localised SEO – 7.5 Billion Euros in Online sales in Ireland in the Last 12 Months – Just to Consumers.


Localised or targeted SEO is becoming a bigger issue with businesses in all parts of the world. A Dublin based local business, such as an undertaker, has no real need to be on the first page of Google for Cork. This is why you need to determine your market from the start and plan your SEO campaign accordingly.

At No1 SEO Ireland we aim to target your SEO at the most profitable markets for you. This is why we focus our SEO campaign on the best localities, thus bringing in the largest return possible for your business. This should dramatically increase your local market share. If in the future you feel like expanding your area of operations your SEO campaign can be adjusted to match your plans.

Localised SEO

Localized SEO can be aimed at an area as small as your local town and surrounding areas or cover the whole of Ireland.  Most people find it hard to get their minds around the fact that an area as large as Ireland is considered a small local area, but when you consider our entire population is the same as that of Manchester it makes you think.

The main thing about Localized SEO is that it enables you to be a market leader in your area. If you were a car dealer in Co. Wicklow how many cars would you sell if your website was on the 2nd or even the 10th page of people searching for “car sales Wicklow”?  –  NONE!

To sell online you need to be visible on the first page and preferably in the top 5 spaces on Google. Why go to the expense of getting a website built unless you intend to make it work for you?

The Irish spend online increased by 51% from 2013 to November 2014. The estimated amount spent online was 6 Billion euros. This does not include businesses that show their products or services online but take payments directly. These would include businesses such as car sales or solicitors. From November 2014 to May 2016 the increase was 87.5% with a spend of over 10 Billion euros. This tells us that more money is being spent online than ever before. It is now necessary that you compete online if you are to continue to run a successful business.


How is Localized SEO Different than Normal SEO?

The answer is its not….    and it is!

It’s the exact same in that you use the same processes. These are Onsite Optimization, Content Writing, link building, blogging, Social Media, and PPC to get your keyword rankings.

It’s different in that you are aiming your keyword research to get you the best possible results for certain areas. Sounds a simple difference, but so many companies do this wrong. Localised SEO can be the rock you build your business on!

At No1 SEO Ireland we have the experience to get you ranked on the first page of Google for your desired locations. This will help you to grow the necessary online presence to give you the market strength to grow your business. There are only so many top spots available. With our help, we can make sure that one of them is yours!

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