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SEO Company Tutorials Online – You Can’t Believe Everything You Read!

What is the Truth About How to do SEO Onsite?

Recently I was contacted by a London based SEO company who was having a problem with a Magento Ecommerce website. They assured me they had followed Magento onsite optimisation best practice. I have experience with optimising Magento E-commerce websites, having worked on one last year. The results I achieved were very good. Their impressions and sales both were increased by a sizable amount.  I have it written up on my website here if you care to have a look. This London Based company obviously thought I would be a good person to conduct a website analysis.

What the Problems Were

As they were sure they had a technical problem, I checked that first. Their page speeds were running at over 2 seconds for both mobile and PC. I suggested a few courses of action to increase site speeds but still didn’t feel that it was their main problem.

Going through the website I discovered that the website wasn’t optimised at all, except for a couple of products. When I pointed this out they seemed to think that I was a fool. Nobody used SEO company - are you being fooled?keywords on Magento websites anymore I was told. They even sent me along an article written by a Magento SEO expert. Reading the article I could see that yes, they were quite right in that it said best-practice was not to use keywords in Magento websites.  I then traced the author back to the SEO company he worked for. Finall,y I examined some of their Magento websites.  Yes, you guessed it, they were all optimised with Keywords!

Necessary SEO Company Skills – How to be Good at SEO ?

There are some basics for SEO that no one argues about (yet) – Good content and lots of it,  Relevant Titles, Optimised images/media, blogging and the value of social media.

And then the Basics that everyone argues about ( actually only seo specialists ) – new to this arena – Keyword Research,menu headings, siloing,multiple websites interacting, and the golden oldie ( last 3 – 4 years) Backlinks (mostly terrible things, with a little bit of gold if you know how to find it).


How to be Good at SEO

The way to be good at SEO – onsite optimisation – is to try it for yourself!!!!     and not believe what some guy on the internet is telling you. They say paper never refuses ink. The internet is a million times worse as they don’t even have to pay for the ink.

With SEO it is important not to be afraid to try something new. I am always trying to come up with new ideas to improve website rankings. Or if I hear of an idea that someone else is trying I am inclined ( if I think it might work) to give it a go on my own website. By close monitoring, I can normally tell in 3 -4 weeks if it is something I want to pass on to my clients, or put in the ‘Don’t Use’ pile.

Another reason to try your own methods is that it can give you a head start over your competitors. As an SEO company, if your clients are ALL ahead of their competitors you will be ahead of yours too. Have a look at the image below and tell me why your competition is giving away free advice?

seo company - are you being fooled?


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